We assume responsibility

As a firm, we not only assume responsibility for our clients and employees, but also to the same extent for society and the environment. For this reason, sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

We also convey this idea of sustainability to our corporate clients and see ourselves as a multiplier in this context. After all, resources can be saved and costs reduced in almost every company. We initiate changes in these areas and support our partners in their implementation.

Our employees

A culture of openness and diversity is important to us. We cultivate respectful interaction with each other based on appreciation and understanding for the other person. In addition, we not only support our employees in their professional development, but also offer them an attractive workplace that promotes the compatibility of family and career in the best possible way.

Our society

Social commitment is deeply rooted in our corporate values. Both as a firm and personally, our partners with power of representation support social and charitable institutions. The company also supports the voluntary activities of our employees. Social activities are particularly near to our hearts, and for many years we have supported the Lions Adventskalender, the Förderverein Dehnberger Hoftheater, the Förderverein Künstlerkolonie Fichtelgebirge and the Verein Klasse 2000.

Our environment

To the same extent, we show respect for nature and the environment. Wherever possible, we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Even small measures can make a big difference. For example, we focus on reducing paper consumption, promote the use of public transport among our employees and rely on secure digital communication and data transfer to avoid unnecessary journeys to face-to-face meetings as far as possible.