Business accounting for companies

Business accounting is really time-consuming, and the constantly changing guidelines and regulations do not make it any easier for companies.

The good news: you do not always have to do everything yourself! We are happy to take over your company accounting and take care of all the tasks that arise. This saves you valuable resources and allows you to concentrate on your core business.

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We take over tedious routine tasks

We take over the operational accounting for you so that you can concentrate on your core issues.

Ongoing payroll accounting

We take care of your monthly payroll accounting, including the registration and deregistration of employees, notifications to the social security institutions and the tax office, as well as the preparation of posting lists for financial accounting.

Personnel statistics

Keep track of your employees with our personnel statistics.

Financial accounting

Complete handling of your financial accounting. You can view all work results, business evaluations and receipts digitally at any time. If you wish, we can also prepare them at your premises.


We create business management evaluations, statistics and reports.

Handling of operational accounting

You will receive all the latest information on legal changes to business accounting from us.

Expert advice

Rely on our expertise in all matters of labour and social security law and our skills in financial accounting.

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What does operational accounting mean?

Business accounting is one of the most important instruments in the management of companies. The proper recording of all business transactions forms the solid foundation for your company's success.

For this reason, management accounting holds a key position in the assessment and evaluation of current company figures and can set important signals for far-reaching decisions.