Auditing in Nuremberg for companies

Our auditors check your annual financial statements and ensure that the legal requirements are met. This gives you security. The audit also provides you with objective information on the current situation of your company and relevant figures. This enables you to make better decisions for your company.

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We keep an eye on the whole entrepreneurial matter

Standard is not our cup of tea. We always keep the big picture in mind. With our Schaffer WP Partner GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, we offer more than the standardized processing of audit procedures. Rather, we keep an eye on the overall entrepreneurial result, pointing out strengths and weaknesses. You see where your company stands and where measures are necessary.

Audit of financial statements

Whether voluntary or statutory, when auditing your annual financial statements we specifically deal with your business and risk environment and provide objective suggestions for your business strategy.

Real estate agents and property developers ordinance

Real estate agents and property developers are subject to an annual audit requirement (Section 16, Paragraph 1, Sentence a MaBV). Our auditors and their staff are there to support you.

Audit of special balance sheets

We also audit the special balance sheets of our clients, for example in the case of transformations or mergers of companies and carry out special audits under stock corporation law.

Court and private expert opinions

As experts, we analyse facts, weigh up arguments and make our statements as an independent person. In the case of private law expert opinions on behalf of clients, we work on your behalf.

Embezzlement audits

The so-called offences from inside the company are becoming more and more frequent and threaten the economic strength of successful companies. In embezzlement audits, we analyse operational activities and business transactions in order to uncover possible cases of fraud.

Valuations of enterprises

Whether for a purchase or sale, entry or exit of shareholders or succession planning - valuations of companies are necessary and useful in many cases. Depending on the occasion of the valuation of a company, we thoroughly analyse all necessary factors and thus create a sound basis for further decisions.

Due Diligence

In the context of company acquisitions, due diligence provides a comprehensive picture of the financial strengths and weaknesses of a company and is thus an essential tool for all further decisions.

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Efficient & analytical - what auditing brings to your company

The primary task of auditing in companies is to check and report on the accounting. Particular attention is paid to the annual and consolidated financial statements under commercial law. This creates confidence among the addressees.

Furthermore, with a comprehensive audit, we lay a solid foundation for further entrepreneurial decisions.

In doing so, we attach great importance to a careful and high-quality working method with reliable results. For this reason, we have already successfully participated four times in the "System of Quality Control" of the Chamber of Auditors.

You are in good hands with us.