Business management consulting for companies

Relevant figures are the best early warning indicators for crises, but often figures only reflect the past or, due to other tasks, there is not enough time to deal with business contexts, to prepare analyses or to run through scenarios. However, if you want to position your company for the future, you have to know and be able to interpret your own figures. Only in this way can changes be recognized at an early stage and appropriate measures be initiated.

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We work with you on your business

We offer you professional business management advice in all phases of your company’s development. By working out individual solutions in the entrepreneurial, economic and legal context, we ensure that your competitive advantages also take effect.

Multi-year plans and liquidity calculations

We offer technical support in the preparation of multi-year plans, budgeted balance sheets and budgeted liquidity calculations.

Business start-up advice

You would like to start a new business? We can support you in the preparation of a business plan and assist you throughout the start-up process.

Real estate investments

We support you in the planning of business and private real estate investments, in particular from a tax point of view.

Financing advice

Together with you, we check which way of financing is the right one for your company and, above all, evaluate the tax aspects.

Crisis advice

There are many different reasons why a company gets into difficulties. Regardless of whether it is self-inflicted or not, it is important to act quickly and take the necessary countermeasures. We are at your side and use our know-how to get your company back on the road to success.

Company rating

Leave nothing to chance in your corporate financing! We support you in preparing for the rating, analyse your strengths and weaknesses and develop measures to improve the rating.

CSR reports

Sustainability is also taking on an increasingly important role in companies. Together with our partner Schaffer & Collegen GmbH, we support you in the preparation of CSR reports and examine suitable sustainability measures for your company.

Further business management consulting services

In cooperation with the management consulting firm Schaffer & Collegen GmbH, we offer a range of other business management consulting services that are individually tailored to the needs of your company.

Support for doctors

Our subsidiary HS Medicur GmbH specializes in the particular needs of assistant physicians, chief physicians and medical specialists as well as registered doctors in private practice and offers services in the classic areas of tax consultancy.

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The advantages of business management consulting

It is not enough to just show the figures of the past. Being successful today does not mean it will stay that way. That is why we recommend comprehensive and well-founded business consulting. It offers companies planning security and supports them in positioning themselves for the future and making them more resistant to crises. It is based on long-term business development forecasts, the comparison of financing alternatives, cost-benefit analyses and economic promotion measures, and the comparison of tax and economic options.

Business management consulting ensures that you have an eye on the future of your company, make optimal use of your resources, seize opportunities and recognize and minimize risks at an early stage.