Tax advice for companies

German tax legislation is extensive and sometimes difficult for the layman to understand. The tax office is always breathing down the necks of entrepreneurs and companies in one way or another: different deadlines, different types of tax, numerous obligations that must not be missed. It is often not easy to keep track of all this - especially when you, as an entrepreneur, actually have to concentrate on your core business. That is why we help out.

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As a modern tax consulting firm, we are more than just an interface to the tax office. We do not only take care of our clients' taxes and the fulfilment of legal obligations. Your financial security as an entrepreneur and the economic future of your company is just as important to us. That is why we analyse the situation of your company concretely and continuously - from a tax and economic point of view.

We support you in making full use of your tax opportunities, fulfilling your obligations, enforcing your rights and keeping your business healthy.

Forward-looking tax advice

We support you with individual tax solution concepts tailored to your company.

Restructuring and transformations

We support you in restructuring or converting your company, paying particular attention to tax aspects.

Tax planning

We focus on your business objectives and design your tax planning with modern technology and professional know-how.

Preparation of commercial and tax balance sheets

We support you in all matters relating to the preparation of the necessary balance sheets and other profit determinations. We also take care of interim balance sheets, provisional credit balance sheets and supplementary balance sheets.

Preparation of tax returns

Wir erstellen für Sie alle betrieblichen Steuererklärungen wie Umsatzsteuer, Gewerbesteuer, Körperschaftsteuer sowie Gewinnfeststellung.

Review of tax assessment notices

Occasionally, errors in tax assessments occur. We check all tax assessments for possible discrepancies so that you can lodge an appeal in due time and enforce your rights.

Support during tax audits

We provide you with advice, support you in providing the necessary documents and in communicating with the tax office.
We can clarify many questions directly with the auditor.

Representation before tax authorities

On behalf of our clients, we handle objection proceedings and file all necessary applications to enforce your rights.

Litigation before all fiscal courts and the Federal Fiscal Court

Whether it is a case before the tax courts or representation in penal proceedings for tax fraud and other tax offences - we use our expertise to your advantage.

Financial and payroll accounting

Payroll accounting and ongoing financial accounting require not only profound know-how and entrepreneurial understanding, but above all sufficient human resources. In this respect, we can relieve you.

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Why comprehensive tax advice is important for companies

Tax law in Germany is one of the most complicated in the world. Hardly any other country has so many regulations, rules and laws, which also change frequently. Anyone who wants to find his/her way in this field needs comprehensive, up-to-date specialist knowledge.

Our tax advisers regularly undergo further training and expand their know-how in order to provide our clients with the best possible advice. We know the intricacies of the legislation and how to apply it in the best interests of our clients in order to achieve the optimum for you and your business.